How to Quickly and Easily Circle Something in Google Docs?

Circle Something in Google Docs

Along with getting documents ready quickly, presentation is key. Luckily, Google Docs has various tools to make it easy to draw lines, boxes, and circles around text or objects. Learning to circle something in Google Docs can be a great time saver when creating documents, helping to ensure they look presentable and professional quickly.

Introduction to Circling Text in Google Docs

For those who want to give their Google Docs documents a more professional appearance, it can be helpful to add finishing touches such as circling specific pieces of text. Google Docs makes it simple and fast to make any document look very attractive with minimal effort. With a few clicks, adding circles to create visual interest and organization is a breeze. It’s a great way to make a document more engaging and attractive while drawing the reader’s eye to the most important aspects.

Understanding the Basics

Before getting too deep into the different options Google Docs provide for circling your text, let’s understand the basics. First, you’ll need to find the circle tool. If you’re using a computer this tool can be found on the left-hand side of the home menu, beside the other formatting icons. However, if you’re using a mobile device, you’ll need to turn on your tablet’s tool button. Fortunately, there’s a search bar to help you find the icon more quickly. Then, once the tool is open, you’ll notice there are various forms of circles to choose from. You can utilize these circles to circle anything from words to phrases to entire sentences. 

Circle Something in Google Docs

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Highlight Text

To get started, first, select the text or word(s) you want to circle. Then, click on the circle tool, which will open up a menu of circle shapes and patterns. Choose the size and form of the circle you desire to employ. After selecting the circles, you can adjust the color or add an outline to the image. You can also customize the circle’s length and thickness. Now, click on “Create” and you’re all set!

Exploring the Different Circle Shapes Available

 When trying to circle something in Google Docs, you’ll be able to find several different shapes and patterns to choose from. One can explore any type of silhouette by experimenting with various forms, including ellipses, triangles, and other geometrical figures. Depending on the complexity of the text or document, the circles can range from fill-in shapes to double lines. You can also choose circles with a variety of colors and patterns, from basic shapes with uniform outlines to complex shapes with more intricate designs.

Utilizing the Circle Tool for Structural and Visual Aids

Once you familiarize yourself with the circle feature in Google Docs, it can be extremely useful for various tasks. One example could be to draw attention to specific words or sentences in long passages. By utilizing the circle tool, you can add visible aids that stand out and draw the eye toward them. This can be useful for visual aids or helpful outlines to improve the structure of your document. 

Choosing Different Circle Patterns and Colors

If you’re looking to add some extra excitement to your writing, consider drawing attention to your text by making it a bold and beautiful circle! Using the variety of color and pattern choices, you can find one that perfectly fits your styling needs. Whether you choose a single-colored circle or prefer something more complex with gradations and shadows, Google Docs has you covered. 

Alternatives to Circling in Google Docs

Apart from the in-built circle feature, you can make important text stand out in Google Docs in different ways. You can choose different background colors to draw attention or opt to use hashtag shortcuts to highlight text quickly and conveniently.

Benefits of Circling Text in Google Docs

Taking advantage of Google Docs’ circle tool is a great way to emphasize words or phrases. Not only is the tool simple to use, but provides more customizing options than traditional highlighting such as changing the diameter and line thickness of the circles. This way you can be sure the key pieces of information stand out.

Tips on How to Optimally Utilize the Highlighting Tool

When using the circle tool, remember a few important tips to make sure you maximize its potential. First, it’s important to always consider the purpose of the circle whether it’s to draw attention to key points or just to style the document. The circle tool can be a great way to draw attention to specific parts of the document. Explore different color palettes to make the document stand out and draw attention to key elements. Finally, try to find ways to make the circle tool relevant to the document’s contents. This can include selecting circles with patterns or images that represent the topics in your document.


Using the features of Google Docs, users can draw attention to important parts of a document by quickly creating circles around the desired text. This intuitive approach ensures efficient selection and highlighting of a document’s essential components, helping to bring focus to the main point of the file in no time.

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