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VPS Hosting- How Does It Work and What Are its Types?

VPS Hosting is a type of hosting in which a virtual server hosts several websites on a single physical server while making the user feel that he is using an isolated server. Each VPS server India is allocated its own resources including RAM, CPU, and OS, and the users have complete root access. In short, it is a combination of dedicated and shared hosting.

How does VPS hosting work?

When you go for VPS hosting, your hosting provider segregates the physical server into a number of virtual servers, using software known as a hypervisor. Serving as a virtualization layer, the hypervisor extracts resources from the physical server in a way that the users get the experience like they are using the original server. The VPS server allocated to each user is known as a Virtual Machine that has its own dedicated resources.

The isolated nature of the servers not only allows the users to have full root access but also ensures better security and enhanced privacy.

Why should you choose VPS hosting?

Although several service providers provide VPS hosting in India, website owners are still confused about whether they should go for it or not. The main reason for their confusion is the availability of other options like dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and more. However, each type has its own features. Here we have listed some benefits of using VPS server hosting, which will let you know if you are making the right choice or not.

  • Enhanced privacy

As every user is given separate resources and the OS, there is no website using the resources allocated to your website. This ensures the enhanced privacy of your website.

  • Customization

As you have your own OS and instances of server applications, you can customize the services as per your website’s needs.

  • Better control

You can restart your system anytime while installing the server applications or if required for something else. No doubt you share the main server with other VPS servers, you can restart your server without affecting the working of other servers.

  • No neighbour effect

VPS hosting provides you with your own dedicated resources. So, there is no need to worry if your website needs more resources than usual as no one else will be using it. You can utilize the resources as per your needs.

Types of VPS hosting

VPS hosting is further categorized into two types:

Managed VPS hosting

In Managed VPS hosting, all the server related tasks are handled by your service provider. These tasks include updates, installations, maintenance, support and more. Thus, you can concentrate on your business operations and your hosting needs will be catered by your service provider from whom you have received the VPS hosting in India. Managed VPS hosting is good for those who have no or little technical experience.

Unmanaged VPS hosting

As the name depicts, in this kind of hosting, it is the business owners who need to take care of the server related responsibilities. And the hosting provider will take care of the physical server and its availability. In case you go for unmanaged VPS hosting, either you should have the technical expertise or someone having experience in server related tasks. It is a good choice for established businesses.

If you are confused about choosing the particular VPS hosting, you can choose any as per your technical experience and needs. However, we would like to recommend you managed VPS hosting as you won’t need to face any server-related issues with this type of hosting. No doubt it is a little bit expensive than unmanaged VPS hosting, what the money is worth for what you get in return.